I’m a firm believer that everyone can benefit from therapy services. We all have stressors in our lives. Whether it’s work, relationships, inner conflict, or past trauma, there is always the potential for something to create stress. Sometimes, these stressors are manageable on our own. We talk to a friend, spouse, or mentor, and this eases some of our concerns. Other times, the problem continues. When a problem is causing you distress (you feel anxious, sad, or avoidant of thinking about the problem) and it’s impacting your life, therapy could be beneficial in helping you sort out the issue. Deciding to come to therapy is a very personal decision. There are many short-term options available, and finding a therapist that you click with often makes the experience very comfortable. You can read a little about my experience and approach to therapy under the About Kayla tab, or you can give me a call and we can see if Renteria Counseling and Wellness would be a good fit for you.
Currently, I accept Passport, United Healthcare, Wellcare, Cigna, Humana, and Anthem insurances. My self-pay rates are listed below. I can offer an itemized receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement for your out-of-network benefits. You are entitled to a Good Faith Estimate for your total investment in therapy services upon request and/or at your intial appointment.

Initial Intake Appointment, 55 minutes: $115

Individual Therapy Appointment, 55 minutes: $95

Family Therapy Appointment, 55 minutes: $100

Online Therapy Session, 30 min: $50

Online Therapy Session, 55 min: $95

Choosing a therapist is an important first step to the counseling process. Ensuring a good fit is vital to your experience in therapy. At your first appointment, we’ll spend a lot of time getting to know each other, and I’ll make sure that you have the opportunity to express what you want out of a therapist. After we’ve discussed your concerns, your wants, and your needs, we’ll determine together if Renteria Counseling and Wellness will be a good match for you.
In order for your treatment to be effective, it will be important that you find a therapist that you can feel safe and comfortable with. I encourage you to explore the information on this website. Under the About Kayla tab, you’ll find details on my experience and my approach to therapy. This might give you a little background information to determine if you feel like we’d be a good match. However, I believe that the best way to know if a therapist is right for you is to schedule an initial appointment with them. You’ll get a better feel for your level of comfort in the office and with that therapist. If at the end of our first session, you decide that we aren’t the best match, I’ll be sure to give you some referrals to help you find the best therapist for you.

It’s normal to be a little nervous before your first appointment! If you’re new to therapy, let me demystify the first appointment a bit for you. Once you’ve made an appointment with me, I’ll provide you with some initial forms for you to fill out. These forms will give you information on my practice, and will provide me with some basic information on you, like why you’re deciding to come to therapy, and a little about your history. You’ll also complete forms that discuss important items like consent to treatment (which allows me to provide you counseling services) and a confidentiality clause (which discusses your privacy in therapy).

At your first appointment, we’ll go over all of the paperwork you completed to make sure you understand everything. We’ll spend a lot of time in your first session getting to know each other. I’ll ask you questions about what has brought you in for services, how long the problem has been going on, and what sort of things you’ve already tried. I’ll ask some questions about your family history, your support system, and your strengths, so that I can get a good view of you as a whole person. We’ll talk about your goals for treatment and what you want to get out of therapy. I’ll be sure to give you plenty of time to ask me any questions that you have about the process or about my expertise or approach to therapy. At the end of your session, we’ll decide if Renteria Counseling and Wellness is a good fit for you. If so, we’ll schedule another appointment and begin your treatment.

Therapy is a process--a shared process. You and I will work together on the goals that you’ve created for yourself. You can expect to have your goals respected and put at the forefront of our work together. You can expect me to listen to your concerns and to ask you thoughtful questions that will help you to dig a little deeper than what’s at the surface of the problem. You can expect me to sit with you in your pain, and you can expect me to celebrate with you in your success. I’ll be alongside you in your journey, but you will always remain behind the wheel.
Yes-but there are some caveats. Everything that you share in a therapy session is protected health information. That means that it is my duty as your provider to keep this information private, protected, and confidential. However, there are some limits to confidentiality in therapy. This includes if you share with me that you want to harm yourself or someone else, if you share with me that a child or an elderly person is being abused, or if my records are subpoenaed by the court. These exceptions are put in place to keep you and others safe. Beyond this, everything we discuss in therapy will remain confidential.
I work with a variety of people. I’ve seen individuals of many different backgrounds, ages, sexual orientations, gender identities, ethnicities, lifestyles, and religions. I’ve worked with people completely new to therapy, and people who have been in therapy for the majority of their lives. I specialize in helping individuals overcome the effects of trauma, as well as treating depression and anxiety in adolescents and adults.
A typical therapy session is 55 minutes long. Occasionally, I will allow clients to book longer sessions if they are experiencing an acute crisis.
Online therapy, or telehealth, is a convenient way to receive quality therapy services from the comfort of your home. We'll connect through a secure, HIPPA compliant platform and consult via webcam. Many insurances cover telehealth therapy services. Be sure to call your insurance to verify your coverage prior to scheduling a telehealth appointment.
We will begin talking about this in your very first session! At intake, we’ll discuss your goals for treatment, and how you’ll know when you’re ready to discharge. For many people, therapy lasts on average 6-12 months, depending on what it is that they are working on. The duration of therapy could be shorter or longer, however. We’ll check in from time to time throughout our work together regarding how you feel about your progress and your readiness to end therapy.
I’m so glad you’ve decided to take the first step in meeting with a therapist. You can make an appointment with me by clicking here: