In addition to office-based services, Renteria Counseling and Wellness also provides telehealth services. Telehealth is a way to receive secure, quality mental health counseling services remotely. For many people, this increases access to therapy and eliminates barriers to receiving mental health care. Please note that due to licensing restrictions, Renteria Counseling and Wellness can only offer telehealth to clients physically located in the states of Indiana or Kentucky.

Often, clients find the convenience of telehealth makes services more obtainable with life's busy schedules. Telehealth is secure. Renteria Counseling and Wellness uses Simple Practice, a HIPAA compliant audio/video platform, to connect with clients remotely. Often, clients have questions about the efficacy of telehealth. Research shows that for most clinical presentations, telehealth is just as effective as traditional, in-person services. Many treatment modalities can be applied to telehealth with great success. However, some clients will not be appropriate for telehealth.

If you are interested in telehealth services, an assessment will be completed to ensure that you can safely and effectively receive counseling services remotely. There is necessary equipment for telehealth. To view these requirements, and for quick tips to prepare you for a successful telehealth session, click here